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If the existing model trees are not useful for your layouts, you can DIY your model trees with FunTrying tree armatures and foliage materials. The kit contains tree armatures only, if you need our folaige materials please click here to buy.
A few tips for easy and quick model tree making: apply PVA glue to the branches with a brush then add our foliage  materials and fine turf on it. fine turf will make the color of foliage richer and more realistic. 
you can make more realistic trees by using these tree armatures, you can cut the branches to re-shape the trees; you can paint the  trunks to make texture more realistic . before adding foliage materials, you can attach some fibers to the branches with glue, this process will make your tree crown more hierarchical.

Wholesale available.

Model Tree Armatures TTR09000

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