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Product Description

Fine turf is ground foam in various colors which can represent low growth vegetation, foliage on trees, or trimmed shrubbery.

Essential for model railroad layouts, diroramas and architectural models.
Size is 1/10th af a milimeter. Very tiny, about the width of a human hair.
6 colors available. Choose before check-out.


Made to order item, average leading time 3-5 working days.

Both Finished model trees and model tree armatures are available for the item. If you are intend to make this type of model tree by yourself, please visit Tree Armature Page and Foliage Material Page to get your model tree making materials.

Please also select right height and Foliage color for your layouts if you would like to buy finished tree directly.

Please contact us or make notes before payment if any further request.


Fine Turf(ground Foam) 0.5-0.8mm fine Sponge Material Scale Model Train Railway